Be Scofield | Praise for Writing
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“Be’s writing has fundamentally changed the way I view the intersections between spirituality and social justice. Listening to [her] on the complete non-intersection between yoga/meditation practice and social justice has been as intellectually and emotionally challenging for me as anything I can remember. It’s way more powerful than any spiritual “revelation” I’ve ever felt – conversion experiences, altered states, whatever. It’s bigger than that. [It] forces a complete identity overhaul and reset.”


– Matthew Remski, Yoga Teacher & Author of Threads of Yoga.

“Courageous, pithy, insightful and on-point…I was reading in the middle of the night and found myself sitting up straight, reaching for a pencil, putting stars all over it.”


– Dr. Becky Thompson
Award-winning writer, professor & yoga instructor.

“This is brilliant, thought provoking and


– Dr. Dorsey Blake, Professor & Minister

“She captures the voice of her generation.”

– – Dr. David Belden, Author & Professor

““Be is making significant contributions to the fields of spirituality and social justice. A voice to pay attention to!””

– Rabbi Michael Lerner, Author & Founder of Tikkun Magazine